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A Review about Credit Cards

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Whenever you are reading a review about credit cards, there are some things that you should be able to search for. Firstly, the credit card review has to be honest and not biased. If the review is written by somebody who has a personal agenda, like want to generate a sale, then these reviews are not really the honest ones.

The first thing that you should do is to look for the most visited and highly reputed credit card website. From there, you would find various offers of all the main issuers and banks which consist of American Express, Discover, MasterCard, and Visa. The comparison shopping is highly advisable to look for the finest deals.

Of course, you would have to know the annual percentage rate of the credit card. You should ensure that it is not the introductory rate too. A lot of the issuers would provide the lowest introductory rates so that they would attract more people. The prospective account holders have to know the interest rates for now and what would it be in the next year.

It is apparent that you have to know about the fees and interest rates are. There would be at least two APRs that will be given to you. The first one is the interest rate that would be charged on the procurements, while the second one is the APR for the cash advances. The interest rates for the cash advances are usually higher in contrast to the purchases.

In regards to the fees, you have to determine not only the yearly fees but also the transfer fees that you intend to take advantage of, the fees for late payments, the over-the-limit charges, and the fees for the checking of writing rights and cash advances. Learn more about this article.

It would also be good to understand on how they computed the balance. This play a crucial role on how the interest rate would affect you through time. You should be able to orient yourself with its grace period too. This is usually the amount of the days that you are obliged to pay your balance before subsequent interest rates would be applied.

And lastly, if the credit card has a so-called reward program, then you should be able to familiarize these things. For example, if it is the cash back card, it is very vital that you should know how much the rebates would be and where you could utilize the card in order for your purchases to quality under the program's terms.

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